Guide to choosing doors for cold storage
Kongo Vietnam 04/11/2019

Depending on the needs of the product storage in the warehouse, each cold storage has different temperature requirements, usually fluctuating in the range from -40oC to 12oC.

Outsides warehouse door

Typically, for use in the warehouse, cold storage owners will choose the Ice Barrier insulated sliding doors in combination with accessories to enhance insulation, minimize heat loss.

Ice Barrier & Dock Shelter

Currently, to avoid damage when the forklift collides with the door, Ice Barrier doors and other types of warehouse doors are often installed in combination with Flex barrier - insulated overdoor with high elasticity due to being equipped cushion layer, high-density polyurethane foam covered with a special net sheet.

When the forklift collides with the door


The types of door padded partitions help to close the gap between the door and the truck, significantly contributing to the fuel savings of the warehouse. Kongo has 4 product lines of door cushion: Dock Shelter, Auto Shelter, Air Shelter, and Weather Seal.

Auto Shelter

Air Shelter

Weather Seal

Freezing refrigerated warehouse

Choosing the door for this area needs to ensure good temperature control criteria, strict hygiene standards, and safe operation.

Thermo barrier - insulated door

The reasonable design helps prevent oil dripping and falling dust meets hygiene standards even in a severe environment. Thermo Barrier insulated doors are the best idea for this area.

Red heat barrier – insulated fire-proof door

The Red Heat Barrier door is an optimal choice to easily build the fire prevention area of large freezing storage. This product satisfies all three functions: fire protection, insulation, and safety at a high level. 

Economy barrier - insulated door

Economy Barrier doors have competitive rates thanks to the smart design with specially double gaskets that create superior sealing performance, internal insulation, completely airtightness. 

Overlap door – insulated door 

For deep cold storage from -25 ° C to -5 ° C, it is necessary to choose a door with high heat insulation performance to keep a cold well. Overlap doors advance excellent insulation performance by the overlap handle that maintain a strong sealing force with special gaskets inside.

Kongo cold storage products based on HACCP standards to ensure food hygiene and safety, helping to improve the quality management ability has contributed significantly to optimize the process of transporting goods and create an ideal working environment for businesses.

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