Wind-Resistant Overdoor

Wind-resistant overdoor

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"Wind-Resistant Overdoors" helps solve wind storms issues. This product not only ensures durability compatible with the surrounding environment but also has a high opening/closing speed and offer light operation.

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In areas frequently affected by storms, heavy damage caused by strong winds is unavoidable. Therefore, the "Wind-Resistant Door" with high durability is researched and developed with an aim to minimize the damage caused by high winds and storms.

Protect your property from storms and big winds. Wind-Resistant Overdoors are durable, suitable for properties in coastal areas which are higher than the sea level or for airports, as these areas often suffer from high winds and storms frequently.

Besides, this product is also widely used in the infrastructure of large airports.

In economic globalization period and increasingly high-speed transportation, the importance of air transportation has increased. For example, high-value products such as electronic components and optical devices have high shipping costs, so preservation is very important.

Therefore, "Wind-Resistant Overdoors" are used extensively in air cargo depots to meet these needs.


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